Thursday, May 5, 2016

Planning a Montana Destination Wedding: Step 1

Well, it's official!  The papers are signed and Ashlee & Jesse have accepted the prize for their free Montana Destination Wedding!  As a planner, my first step once someone books me is having an initial consultation.  Because so many things were already established in advance of this wedding (being a giveaway and all), a lot of the "normal" things I would talk over with a client needed to be tweaked.  Here's what we're doing instead:
  • Our initial consultation pretty much reviewed the budget line by line, to explain to Ashlee & Jesse what was included and what would be additional, if they decided to add on.
  • We now know their color scheme is blush & navy <3
  • Ashlee's tastes are described as "elegant and vintage" in style, whereas our giveaway is very rustic.  So we've been working on ways to give her what she wants without adding additional costs to her.
  • The wedding planning workbook is in the mail to Ashlee!
  • Her Pinterest board for inspiration have begun (you can see the board HERE)
  • Her 2-D tablescapes have been updated to her color scheme
  • and her invitation ideas are in the process of getting updates to meet their color ideas and style preferences.
  • All the participating vendors have been re-contacted with the winner's information, and we're locking in contracts for all the items we've rented.
Wedding planning doesn't need to be stressful.  As a planner, we know what to attack first to keep someone on track, and on budget.  In this example, it's been about two months, and our "free" wedding is pretty much planned, with minimal stress to the bride & groom.  Now we just get to talk about small details and custom tailoring items to Ashlee & Jesse's wants.  Below are some images of what Ashlee & Jesse and I have been working on (and just part of what's included with our full service package)!

A layout of the event venue, which shows where each part of the wedding will take place.

A map of the layout inside the event tent, to scale.

The 2-D table scape that Events by Autumn creates for each client

Ceremony Mood Board

Cocktail Hour Mood Board

Reception Mood Board

Floral Design Mood Board

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