Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Involving children in your wedding

If you're marrying into a family with children, it's very important to include the children in the wedding day. There are all sorts of ideas on Pinterest to include the children in the ceremony, from sand ceremonies, to special presentations ( but what about the rest of the day?  Here's a quick list we've compiled:

  • Let the children escort you down the aisle
  • Have the children make a special presentation (whether it's speaking, singing a song, or giving a gift)
  • Have them sit with you at the head table
  • Let them help as ushers
  • Make your oldest daughter or son your maid of honor or best man
  • Let them give a speech at the reception
  • Make sure they get flowers just as special family members would (boutonniere/bouquet)
  • For the girls, let them get their hair & makeup done, and get them a special dress
  • For the boys, dress them up like the wedding party, so they feel included

No matter what, make sure the children are included on your wedding day, and are included in plenty of photos as well.  Giving a special gift and speech TO the children at the reception is a nice touch to publicly welcome them into this new blended family.  After all, you're marrying more than just the bride or groom.  The children are a major part of this new adventure!

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