Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Styled Shoots create unrealistic expectations

We'd like to set the record straight.

Nearly every photo you see of wedding decor, on Pinterest is from a styled shoot.


Even if it's a photo FROM a real wedding, it was probably staged or styled to look that way!  What your wedding day will look like is incredibly different.  The small details you put into the day will blend into the overall picture.  Your venue will seem huge and your details will feel like they suddenly don't matter.  But they DO matter!  Your wedding day is all about the individual guest experience.  We love that people put time and effort into those small details, and the photographers will capture those details in a very flattering way.

Let's say you choose red as a wedding color, and the photographer walks by a flowering bush with red blooms at the ceremony site. They may pause to take a photo of that, because that detail was a part of your day, and relevant to your story.  You didn't even have to put that plant there.  That's part of what a photographer does - find the small pieces of your wedding details, to document the day.

Our best example comes from  She was doing a maternity shoot for a client, and chose a location which (to the naked eye), was less than ideal.  There was a house to one side, and an overgrown vacant lot to the other, and a road running right in front.  But her final product was completely stunning.  Take a look below!  A photographer's job is to crop out the unflattering parts of the wedding day, and give a small glimpse into the beauty that was there.

So we just want brides to understand that when you look at small details on Pinterest, and you want your wedding to look like that, it CAN, but only through the eye of a great photographer.  When your wedding day comes and your 40'x80' tent looks so huge, and the $3,000 you spent on flowers doesn't nearly have the dramatic effect you hoped it would. . . DO NOT PANIC.  Your photographer will make that tent look absolutely amazing, and give you great memories to take home.

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